Early Learning

Between ages 4 & 7 children develop critical, early learning and pre-reading skills. This sequence trains . . . More

Language & Literacy

Children with weak language processing skills or language learning disorders have difficulty with . . . More

Test Taking

Standardized assessments such as the MEAP, the Private School Admission Test (High School), SAT and the ACT are designed . . . More

Adolescent Learning

Language processing and reading skills are widely recognized as the keys to all learning . . . More

Home School

Home-Schooling allows students to see learning as a part of everyday life, and allows parents to . . . More

International Adoption

Language is a complex process and language development sets the stage for learning. There are universal . . . More

Adult Services

The Brain Fitness Program is designed by leading scientists and universities . . . More

Welcome to the Center for
Speech & Language!

The Center for Speech & Language is nationally recognized for the treatment of speech, language and learning challenges. We specialize in technology based - auditory and language processing solutions.

Our Center has addressed a variety of speech and language needs since 1994. Focus is on the processing of language and the essential role total communication plays in listening, learning and our lives. Some of these language needs are associated with the following:

Multifaceted treatment programs are designed, and then combined with the most effective instructional techniques available. Extensive use is made of advanced technology.

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