International Adoption

Language is a complex process and language development sets the stage for learning. There are universal language milestones but no two children reach them at exactly the same time. Children from orphanages are likely to have some neurological predisposition for language-related learning problems. Many are not exactly bilingual but monolingual twice over, yet existing school programs are for bilingual children, not monolingual children, and school sponsored second language programs do not apply.

Current findings in neuroscience demonstrate that remediation, when child specific, can produce extraordinary results. Application of these skills and their impact on the learning process as well as remediation both at home and at school are critical to the learning process. Current research has demonstrated that it is possible to accelerate learning. Remediation programs, which can be administered at home or in a clinic setting, are available. Client performance is evaluated daily and comprehensive performance information is continually shared. Language and reading skills are widely recognized as the keys to all learning. Our Center specializes in developing the critical thinking, listening, and reading skills that are necessary for success in the classroom, the workplace and in everyday life.