What to Expect From Us…


Scientifically validated individual programs blended with years of solid research and advanced technology. This combination leads to direct mastery of school curriculum. With guided training clients develop reading and speaking skills, communicate more fluently and confidently build the skills necessary for success in the classroom, the workplace and all aspects of life.


Improved memory, attention, processing and sequencing skills. Adaptive exercises provide an individualized and intensive working environment for all ages. Personalized learning pathways connecting prior knowledge enhance the ability to organize relevant information.


Comprehensive Speech and Language Evaluations covering all aspects of speech and language performance. This includes review of developmental history, clinical observation and standardized testing. Written treatment plans will be created.


Educational services are provided in the form of direct educational therapy, creation of (PLP ) present level of performance statements or second opinion evaluations. These services may be requested by families or by school districts. 504 plan goals or IEP goals are available upon request.