CSL Connections is a comprehensive private practice in Speech Language Pathology and related services. We are committed to providing high quality services including individual and group treatment plans, as well as school related services. Our staff of licensed and certified clinicians has been dedicated to the diagnosis and therapeutic intervention of speech, language, learning and social communication issues utilizing the most up to date therapy approaches and educational best practices. Our scientifically validated and peer reviewed service models deliver the latest technology available.

We are committed to staying up to date with the newest developments, techniques and technology for the remediation and improvement of communication disorders and differences for all our populations. Since opening our first office in 1994 we have emerged as a premier service provider for schools as well as servicing the special needs of communities in Oakland and Macomb Counties. We were the first practice in Michigan to be certified by Scientific Learning Corporation to provide the innovative Fast ForWord Programs. We also provide outreach services such as complimentary parent workshops, professional training workshops and speech and language screenings. We have received numerous ACE awards for Continuing Education by the American Speech Language Hearing Association, as well as Innovative Service Awards from Scientific Learning Corporation.


Beverly Gough MA, CCC, Speech-Language Pathologist, is the owner and President of Language Learning Technologies, Ltd. She is Director and founder of the Center for Speech & Language.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Speech & Language Pathology, a Certificate of Clinical Competency from the American Speech Hearing Language Association, and is a fully licensed Michigan Speech and Language Pathologist. She is also a permanently certified K-12 teacher, with extensive experience in elementary, middle and high school, as well as Early Intervention programs.

Beverly is past President of the Academy of Private Practice In Speech Pathology & Audiology and currently the Vice President of Government affairs for the Academy.


American Speech Hearing Language Association
American Academy of Speech Pathology and Audiology
Michigan Speech Hearing language Association
ASHA SIG 01 Language Learning and Education
ASHA SIG 02 Neurogenic Communication Disorders
ASHA SIG 18 Telepractice


We are a private pay center and are not a participating provider with any insurance carriers at this time. Cash, checks, and MasterCard/Visa/ Discover/American Express are all accepted. For those who have a Health Savings Account (HAS or FSA) at your work, you can usually get reimbursement through your HSA or use your HSA credit/debit card as payment. If you choose to pay by credit card a credit card must be on file.

Parents are responsible for submitting all forms to their insurance provider for reimbursement if they choose to do so. Some plans will reimburse for individual and group therapy by a licensed speech and language pathologist. Please contact your health insurance carrier directly to determine whether your child‘s sessions are eligible for reimbursement. You should know that insurance companies often list speech therapy as a reimbursable service but frequently will not provide coverage for children’s speech therapy services, particularly if the therapy is not due to a “medical” condition. Insurance companies typically require a written initial assessment/evaluation. They do not accept information from your child’s IEP or school evaluations. This usually will trigger a denial on the grounds that we are duplicating school services or that the therapy is educational-not medical or rehabilitative in nature. These evaluations can be provided upon request.