Academic Intensive

Incorporate Smart Learning Technology…

Most Reading and Learning Programs, including tutoring, work around delays by re-teaching grade level material. Academic Intensive identifies and targets the missed sections quickly and does not waste time repeating previously acquired learning.

Improve Learning and Test Taking Skills…

Reduce Homework Time*

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Start where you need to be…don’t waste time

Smart Learning is engaging, adaptive and motivating

Addresses learning and processing skills

Individual learning paths aligned to State Standards

IEP and 504 coordination is available

Academic waiver options may apply

Support and goals for current school programs

This Blended Learning platform is client specific and aligned to state standards in all 50 states and reflects the very latest confirmed research about how students think and learn. Powerful assessment tools that
measure progress and prescribe individualized learning paths are used.

The clinician is able to effectively differentiate learning, infuse curriculum and promote exploration. Cooperative learning, problem solving, reflection, and real-world connections occur— all while engaging students’ imaginations.

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*Results vary based on individual and consistent participation in structured program.