Welcome to the Center for Speech and Language



We are a nationally recognized treatment center for speech, language and learning challenges specializing in technology based - auditory and language processing solutions. Focus is on the processing of language and the essential role total communication plays in listening, learning and our lives.

Scientifically validated and peer reviewed neuroscience-based treatment programs are designed, and then combined with the most effective instructional techniques available. Extensive use is made of advanced technology.

Our "work from home platform" allows partnering with home and school and is able to address 504 plan and IEP goals as well as discuss academic waiver options.

Scientifically validated programs are provided at the off-site location of your choice, or at our Center. These individual programs effectively improve memory, attention, language processing and working memory. Each training day the client’s work is monitored and updated by the clinician. Progress is shared via email, text message, phone or direct mail.

Auditory Processing Intervention

Non-Verbal Learning Disorders

Executive Function and Organization

Attention and Social Skills

Working Memory

Reading Comprehension and Fluency