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College Success*

More students are attending college than ever, yet only 54.8 % will leave college with a diploma.

College typically involves fewer tests and exams while depending on memory, attention and processing information as well as independent study skills. These exams may be less frequent but a significant part of the grade

Processing speed, organization and memory skills are critical to success.

Post-Secondary education requires more independent study time, good organization and writing skills.

Increase Reading Comprehension, Processing and Organization skills.

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Prepare NOW for the SAT!*

Do you have a college bound student? Increase their reading comprehension for academic success! Structured daily web-based sessions at home or our center. You schedule sessions that work for you. There is daily monitoring of performance with weekly communication to discuss performance and programming. Grade Recovery Assistance as well as consultation, academic waivers, and advanced preparation in combination with colleges and universities is available.


*Results vary based on individual and consistent participation in structured program.